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About the I-Spy GSI Team:


Our I-Spy GSI Team is made up of Christina Ridella, Asia Hamilton, and Kristy Allen. In 2019, we all met through a community ambassador program in Detroit called Land and Water Works. After bonding together over learning about Green Stormwater Infrastructure needs in Detroit, we created Roots:an interactive gallery pop-up event that offered opportunities to learn new community sustainability strategies. Through beautiful artwork, delicious food, and exciting live music, over 80 residents and city visitors were engaged about GSI topics. The Roots project was based in a few neighborhood hub spots around Detroit, including Asia's Art Gallery: Norwest Gallery of Art. The team banded together under the Norwest Gallery of Art name to once again participate in the Land and Water Works Program. 

About Norwest Gallery of Art

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 8.39.17 PM.png

Based in the Historic Detroit Neighborhood of Rosedale Park, NORWEST GALLERY OF ART is dedicated to Contemporary Art specializing in African and African-American works. As Detroit's newest art gallery and museum, we are committed to promoting artistic work that provides an engaging and explosive voice, providing our collectors with access to the hottest artists from around the globe.

About Land + Water Works


The Land + Water WORKS Coalition (LWWC) was formed in 2017 to provide Detroit residents with the resources needed to become better stewards of our environment, as well as operate as a liaison that engages residents around green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) opportunities and stewardship. We advocate sustainable land and water use practices to promote healthy and equitable communities and to provide economic benefits through the implementation of GSI. Our coalition members represent many aspects of water conservation and education, community organizing, community open space planning, and vacant land transformation.

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